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Videos of Irish Interest

Irish Season - Montreal St Patrick's Day documentary

The Black Rock Montreal

The Montreal Shamrocks 70th anniversary

Cemetery Restoration Videos

How to Clean Headstones

How to Straighten a Headstone

How to Fix Cracked or Broken Headstones

How to Build a Base for a Headstone


By the band Dave Gossage and Tuna

  • Og Rua, Composer: Dave Gossage
  • Bank of Ireland set, Trad
  • Mountain Music, (Mount Royal) Composer:.Dave Gossage
  • Bridget O’Malley, Trad sung by Kirk MacGeachy
  • Glenn to Glenn, Trad
  • After Dunblane, Composer: Dave Gossage
  • A Call to Prayer, Composer: Dave Gossage

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