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Our mission is to research and promote Irish Heritage in Canada and to create a dynamic network of groups and individuals with similar goals.

We aim to preserve sacred places such as the St-Colomban Cemetery before they are erased from the history books. Our audience will be groups and individuals with an interest in Irish heritage and culture.


The Canadian Irish Migration Preservation Network (CIMPN) is a not-for-profit Irish historical preservation organization consisting of individuals who are themselves connected and knowledgeable about the history and culture of Irish migration to North America. We feel a great responsibility to preserve, foster and inspire the study and conservation of the history of these early migrants who came to Canada as far back as the 1600’s. Through continued research, sharing their fascinating stories and by actively seeking to protect the Irish historic landmarks, our hope is to enhance the connection of our Irish ancestors with members of the global Irish community. As a collaborative association dedicated to the preservation and awareness of the Irish migration story, we continuously seek effective ways to investigate, cultivate, communicate, and inspire. We seek to highlight the Irish migrants’ significant contributions to the development of Canadian history and culture for generations to come.