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About Us

Who we are

The Canadian Irish Migration Preservation Network (CIMPN) contributes to the preservation, conservation, and promotion of Irish heritage and of the Irish diaspora. The CIMPN highlights the significance of Irish culture and heritage in Canada. It is designed to appeal to general readership, genealogists, family historians, as well as to the academic community.

Project Scope

The Canadian Irish Migration Preservation Network (CIMPN) is a not-for-profit Irish historical preservation organization consisting of individuals who are themselves connected and knowledgeable about the history and culture of Irish migration to North America. We feel a great responsibility to preserve, foster and inspire the study and conservation of the history of these early migrants who came to Canada as far back as the 1600’s. Through continued research, sharing their fascinating stories and by actively seeking to protect the Irish historic landmarks, our hope is to enhance the connection of our Irish ancestors with members of the global Irish community. We seek to highlight the Irish migrants’ significant contributions to the development of Canadian history and culture for generations to come.

Key Objectives

  • The primary mandate of The Canadian Irish Migration Preservation Network (CIMPN) is to promote, preserve and foster Irish culture and heritage at home and abroad.
  • Encourage closer links between our Irish Canadian history network, networks abroad and Irish networks in Ireland.
  • Invite other Irish Groups and Societies whose aim is to preserve, conserve and promote Canadian Irish heritage to join the Canadian Irish Migration Preservation Network and to collaborate projects, research and historic documentation pertaining to early Irish migration to Canada.
  • Research and write a scholarly book detailing Irish migration to Canada between 1645 – 1840s, paying specific attention to its interdenominational significance and noting the political, economic, sociological, and cultural importance of these early Irish migrants. The book will contribute to studies of migration and the Irish diaspora. The book will be accessible and attractive to the public. We plan to utilize maps, oral histories, photographs, and other visual evidence to extend the textual analysis of pre-famine migration to Canada.
  • Translate book in English & French & Irish.
  • Develop an interactive web site whereby individuals can share their Irish heritage, music, and art which is very much part of the Irish cultural fabric. The website will increase awareness about the project and promote cultural tourism in Ireland and in Canada.
  • Create an interactive map detailing the movement of the Irish migrants. An interactive website which includes mapping, will communicate the information collected and engage with the public. The website will publicize and provide background about the project to a diversity of audiences.
  • Establish the web site as an Irish portal for research with an aim to inspire, teach and share. Publication of articles generated by this project will increase awareness about the Canadian Irish Migration Preservation Network (CIMPN) and stimulate interest in genealogy which is of great interest to the Irish diaspora.
  • Launch - as one of The Canadian Irish Migration Preservation Network (CIMPN) initiatives - the St-Columban Cemetery and Church buildings conservation and preservation project and publish the subsequent research on this Pre-famine Irish migration to Canada.
  • Continue to foster and undertake projects whose primary aim is to further promote Irish history, arts, heritage, and cultural vitality, in Canada and abroad.

Federal Corporation Number: 1348340-1

Numéro d'entreprise du Québec (NEQ) : 1177157345